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SEGA Mega-CD Longplay [083] Battle Frenzy

First off..What a horrific piece of shit this game is and I cant believe it lasts nearly 2 hours. The only reason its uploaded is so it hasn't been all for nothing! Game play starts off at 05:00.

A First Person Shooter for the SegaCD. Originally Unreleased, it saw the light of day in 2008. The game also goes by the name of Bloodshot. All 16 levels are shown. Its a little easier on default settings then the Genesis version (Which has only 13 levels) as the enemy spawn pattern is different. SegaCD Version also has CD Audio which is the only good thing to say about this game. A port of Wolfenstien would have come out much better im sure.

I will list a few weird issues/bugs which may be why the game was shelved on cd, but the same issues are all present in the genesis cartridge version.

-The controls are horrible and makes aiming non existent. Just spray and prey.

-Numerous wall clipping issues causing the game to lock up and crash more then a few times. Its more annoying when enemy fire pushes you through a wall.

-Some odd reason you can end up with more keys then there are doors. Maybe some secret doors I missed ...I dunno.

-Not an issue...You can blow up mines if running over them as they take a second before they go up. But its still a risk, and one I didn't take often.

-The Self Destruct Timer. OMFG, the times is so tight on some levels there is absolutely no margin for error. You have to know how to navigate with sidestep to stand a chance and keep a good eye on the map. Pray you didn't forget about a mine. Level 12 took me a few goes to complete as it turned out you have to find a secret passage to get out in

- And finally the Game Complete Screen. I mean What happened to the game complete screen!

Did the devs simply not bother implementing an ending? Did they assume no one in there right mind (and I can see where there coming from) would complete this game and get as far as seeing the ending. Its still a complete joke that it simply gives me the option to replay the last level over again, and ignoring it is simply a game over. And to top it off I end up with a score of '0' !!

What kind of shit is going on here! An unrewarding experience and a complete waste of an afternoon. The only way justice can be served is if the game devs were never allowed to work on a game again. The best place for this game is in the same landfill as ET.
This game is far worse then any FMV game to grace the system.

Note: I did level skip through the genesis version of the game and it has the exact same shitty ending or lack of.

Run time 01:48:06
Producer MadMatty
Production Company
Audio/Visual sound, color


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